Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hanoi Jane's Epiphany

Jane Fonda feels bad about sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun used to down American pilots was not a good thing. But she really doesn't feel bad about the rest of it (courtesy of Drudge).

I guess it's a bad thing to actually man a battlestation that is used to attack your nation's military, but it's not such a bad thing to be party to the mockery of American servicemen who are being tortured in an enemy prison camp. And she didn't mind asking for and being granted access to North Vietnamese radio to tell U.S. pilots not to bomb North Vietnam. And while she claims she didn't ask them to violate orders (which would presumably have been to bomb North Vietnam), she just wanted them to "consider" it.

Presumably, those things did nothing to give aid and comfort to the enemy. It took her 33 years to reach the level of "still not getting it". Not bad for a member of the far left.


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