Monday, March 28, 2005

Ghoul Duel

As if the battle over whether Terri Schiavo gets to live is bad enough, her parents and Michael Schiavo are battling over what to do with her body when she ultimately expires. Michael Schiavo wants her cremated and put in the family plot in Pennsylvania. The Schindlers want to give her a proper burial.

The fact that this is even an issue proves that Michael Schiavo is a man of peculiar cruelty.

Michael Schiavo has a new family. He won in court at all levels. He trounced the Schindlers. He even beat them with a governor, President, and Congress against him. He won. His soon-to-be late wife will be dead soon, and he gets the money. He'll get to marry his girlfriend/fiancee with whom he already has children. He has a built-in new life.

It would be different if he didn't have a family to go to. It would be different if there were no allegations of abuse. It would be different if he were a doting spouse. It would be different if there were not evidence of his crude behavior to his incapacitated wife, as he began dating other women, considering Terri's life for naught. I would have been in his corner.

Everything he is doing is legal. But rather than some final stab into the heart of the Schindlers, standing behind his legal rights, it would be a very small sign of kindness to let these broken-hearted people begin to heal by giving their daughter a burial they feel is proper. It doesn't benefit Michael Schiavo to keep control of her body. It only hurts these already dejected people.

And it would be a sign of an altogether darker meanness than even the worst accounts of Michael Schiavo allow us to glean.


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