Thursday, March 24, 2005

Freedom Contagion

They say that bad news travels halfway around the world before good manages to get out the door, or something like that.

But the push for freedom and democracy seems to be moving even faster than that. To wit our new friends in Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet Republic, have rejected despotism-lite. The place is a mess, but no revolution was ever very peaceful.

Now remember that these movements all have uphill struggles, because a democratic government requires significant organization and cool heads from the people. But I think the freedom movements we are seeing have much in the way of staying power. They are not imposed from above, but rather originate among the common folk. And when something like that happens, the people will be willing to weather the difficulties and disappointments along the way, knowing that they are striving towards a more important goal.

And they'll be less likely to take the counsel of the western media who, while taking for granted the freedoms these people want, curiously and eagerly hope that they will give up the fight at the first sign of adversity.


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