Thursday, March 31, 2005

The cruelest cut of all...

Terri Schindler Schiavo's parents cannot attend their daughter's burial. These loving parents and family must say goodbye from a distance. Folks, I apostrophaically offer you this bit of encouragement. Terri is not in that body or in those ashes. At this point, her beauty exceeds your wildest dreams. She is no longer about the physical, but an unfettered spirit of live and beauty at the throne of our most joyous and loving Creator. I pray that these words bring you some measure of comfort in this life, as one who has experienced loss in similar ways. Life is not about the body, but about what it contains--that which is eternal.

I have used many terms at my command to describe what I felt to be an uncommonly sick character flaw on the part of Michael Schiavo. And at this point, I am tempted to use language heretofore unpermitted on Liberty Files. Because he is exactly what those terms would describe. But I cannot and will not do so. He is not worth it.

So I'll offer this rebuke from the comforts of the faith which I hold dear:

Michael, you have embraced wickedness in the way that a man would embrace his most beloved. You have chosen evil over justice. You have chosen sickness over reconciliation. You have chosen the law over mercy. You have chosen the most potent gall of bitterness over forgiveness. You have chosen arrogance over humility. May the Lord rebuke you.

But may the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on you. Because my heart is a bit too finite in love to offer you much at this point. But God offers forgiveness through faith in Christ.

Choose wisely, Michael. The depths of your cruelty can be overcome by the love of Christ who freely covers all our sin and shame. He did it for a worthless fellow like me. He can do it for you. Your eternity depends on it.

Offer the Schindlers a bit of mercy. Let them bury this precious person. Be a man.


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