Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Cost of Outing Churchill

Paul Campos, Ward Churchill's fellow CU professor and one of his chief detractors, offers this bit of sugar to make his otherwise unpleasant medicine go down. The offer to pay Churchill three years' salary in exchange for his disappearance from the CU campus is blatantly abhorrent. And Campos gives no indications that he disagrees with that assessment.

But as I advise many of my clients, regardless of the merits of your case (or what you think of them) there is a risk inherent in going to trial. Judges and juries will see things different ways, and may very well ignore a wealth of facts and latch on to an irrelevant detail that brings your otherwise excellent case down. In this situation, Ward Churchill may have a shot in court. And if CU loses and can't fire him, he has no reason to leave a job that pays him to be the anti-American traitor that he is. It may be better to cut the losses here. It's a small price to pay for the University to restore its good name.

And while it may not feel great to CU, Churchill will be largely unemployable after that. Sure, he'll collect the occasional honorarium, but that will be it. Unless of course, Air America has an open time slot...


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