Monday, February 28, 2005

U.S.S. Jane Fonda

May as well have named this submarine that. It kind of makes as much sense to name a hospital ship the U.S.S. Kervorkian or the U.S.S. Atilla.

I know that Jimmy Carter has taken a beating by conservatives, and I caught a rib from Kos for this post, but the man really did very little good on his watch, and actually dismantled the very Navy which this vessel will serve. He'd never have approved the project.

Jimmy Carter's best days were when he had a hammer and nails in hand and made the homeless into homeowners. It was good work with a strong moral purpose, and he had begun to slip back into my mind as a very good man apart from the mistakes of his presidency. My above linked post should remove any doubt that he was never meant to deal in matters of national security.


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