Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Revisionist History

Check this piece from Max Boot in the Weekly Standard. Boot does a pretty solid job of sinking this awful work. The surprise was that he did not hit Regnery Publishing all the harder.

Christians already take a nasty beating in the media, as we saw with John Hinderaker's Daily Standard treatment of Bill Moyers' effort to mock Christianity and Christians in general. But Regnery, carrying the imprimatur of Christianity on it has done a disservice to conservative Christians by publishing a book by a man who appears to be neither. Many excellent works have come out of that house, but the fact that this screed somehow made its way to printing indicates that either the review process is lacking at Regnery, or that someone actually takes this discredited twaddle seriously. Books don't get published accidentally.

One of the greatest concerns that conservatives in general and Christians in particular need to have is who we allow to speak for us. The Republicans were blessed to be divorced from Pat Buchanan and his ilk after 1992, and Buchanan is now widely viewed as damaged goods. Christians are wise to marginalize the likes of Bob Jones University in favor of Franklin Graham and his family. Because loud and sometimes outrageous voices very often become associated with the entire movement and have a powerful steering affect, sometimes with unfortunate consequences. It is the duty of conservative Christians to vocally oppose the extremists who want to be included in our midst. Because Christ was extreme in but one thing: unconditional love of people no matter their station in life. And conservatives need to remember that.

Regnery owes the literate population of America an apology. And they need especially to apologize for the Christian population whom they purport to serve for this disservice which they did to the perception of our faith and for polluting our vision for America.


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