Saturday, February 12, 2005

Nutbag Corner

A whole host of stuff on North Korea today. The Bush Administration is refusing one-on-one talks with North Korea. Most wise. For the same reason that Kennedy dealt with Castro by dealing with Kruschev, this is good policy. If we go to a two way talk with North Korea, we will be hit with blackmail. That's the reason Pyongyang wants this arrangement. If we involve Asian neighbors, there is real pressure on Kim (at least more than he would have in one to one talks).

The Chinese especially have a good deal to lose in this. Nuclear power they may be, but economic power is a bit more important to Beijing. The ability to generate hard currency feels a bit nicer than missiles. And a nuclear missile-armed crackpot regime next door really doesn't help with commerce. The other problem being, of course, that China created North Korea; a creature of the bad old days of the early Cold War. the chickens have come in the Year of the Rooster it seems.

On a lighter note, if there is one, would be this. Kim is transferring leadership to his son. The son looks to be a little more western, avoiding the olive military style outfit that his father prefers. But who knows? Of course, the stuff on the banner on the left is hilarious. Kim is not thrilled with his less than adoring portrayal in "Team America". If anyone remembers "The Naked Gun", where Lt. Frank Drebin thrashed a bunch of middle-eastern thug-leaders, they may also remember that the movie was banned in Iran, given that the Ayatollah Kohmeini was singled out for special humiliation. Welcome to the world of free speech President Kim.


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