Saturday, February 26, 2005

Living Dangerously

Liberty Files friend Rodger at This isn't Writing, It's Typing, has a bone chilling post on the particularly creepy scenario of lasering aircraft. It's must reading. The thumbnail sketch is that terrorists may be trying to acquire airliners with handheld surface to air missiles, much like the stinger heat-seeking variety. The plan may be to take out a few planes at various airports, thereby knocking out the airports. Then, once the other planes are diverted elsewhere, in an eagerness to land before exhausting fuel, hit them en masse at the new marshall points. Essentially, it's the hounds driving the foxes to the hunters.

The bottom line is that these are dry runs which it appears are being ignored. Sure, one can claim that it's just the government being hush-hush as they work to circumvent terror plots. But in view of the controversy over air marshall attire, where air marshalls' anonymity is unnecessarily exposed by their dressing in suits, compromising our first line of defense in the air, it is hard to believe that these other concerns are being given the appropriate attention.


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