Thursday, February 10, 2005

Line in the Sand

North Korea has now declared that it is nuclear-armed. Encouraging. Again, another reason why this nation is at the top of the Axis of Evil. North Korea has abosolutely nothing that the United States or any other nation wants, and yet it arms itself with nuclear weapons to defend itself against U.S. aggressions. Of course, the U.S. would largely ignore the mini-Stalinist state but for the fact that it is developing and may now have the very weapons it claims to have. So it's "need" for such weapons seems to elude logic.

Curiosuly, the North Korean statement in the referenced article, indicates that the North remains committed to the goal of a denuclearized Korean peninsula. The funny thing is that they are the ONLY government on the peninsula with nuclear weapons. It being clear that the U.S. and other such intimidators would simply lose interest if the North disarmed, it is confising what goal they have in keeping the region on a razor's edge.

But it's pretty clear that Kim Jong Il, the tinpot dictator of that country is interested in keeping a blackmail card on the table. You see, North Korea is a starving nation. It needs food to keep its people alive, so that they can work for the benefit of Kim, and be adequately oppressed for his pleasure. It cannot provide for its people, so in 1994, the Clinton Administration with Madeline Albright at the helm agreed to pay tribute to Kim in order to keep him disarmed. Look how well it worked. Kim used and continues to use all aid sent to his country in order to bulk up his nation's military power, not to feed his starving people who live in squalid conditions. he never meant to keep the agreement.

In any case, the nuclear threat, whether a bluff or for real, is nothing the United States can ignore. With misiles aimed at South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, the U.S. has many allies to defend. And Kim must know that pressing the nuclear launch button against any U.S. ally, or even the U.S. itself, would be a proxy button-pushing against himself.

The lesson? We can't trust dictators. We can only support their removal. An academic foreign policy for eight years brings us to the brink of war. This is the price for naievete.


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