Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Liberty Contageon

I saw this post on Powerline, and it verified to me the correctness of the Bush doctrine. freedom emboldens those who want to be free. Lebanon may be a very little place, but so is its gutsy little free neighbor to the south. And nobody seriously accuses Israel of being insignificant.

Joe Scarborough, quoting John Podhoretz described the Ukrainian Orange Revolution as being an unintended consequence of the liberation of Iraq. And that may indeed be what is happening in Lebanon.

It remains to be seen how the assassination of Rafiq Hariri will play, but it likely will not go well for the Syrians. And you know that they have a fairly indefensible position when they link up with Iran, another nation known to export terror, and which seeks the power of nuclear weapons to blackmail the world.

The bad guys are losing, mainly because the little guy knows that he can count on assistance if he makes a brave choice. Because freedom is a contageon that rises from the ground up and does not require forceful imposition from the top.


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