Monday, February 14, 2005

Jordan may take CNN with him

As I blogged below, Reese Schonfeld, CNN co-founder this morning on Fox & Friends, tried to clean up the image of his network, but instead, in an offhand remark, may have made things infinitely worse. This was an effort to avoid another Rathergate, but it seems to have backfired.

Dan Rather's failure was huge, but more than anything, it just confirmed the already clear impression that he and his network are hopelessly in bed with the left.

This new revelation from CNN is very different. They are an international news outlet. And the admission that Eason Jordan not only sat on Saddam's purges of his people in order to curry favor with his government, but may have actively worked against the U.S. government by knowingly exposing Iraqi informants could indeed bring down the network.

His resignation was no surprise, but it won't be enough if Schonfeld's remarks were accurate. And why would he say something so absolutely devastating if it weren't for real?


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