Monday, February 14, 2005

Jesus Freaks

John Hinderaker of Powerline pens this excellent piece on Bill Moyers' hate toward Christians. The article raises a few concerns.

First, we have yet another journalist who, out of personal political beliefs, has invented facts (also known as lying) to deliberately cast a religious group in a negative light. Not a word from the mainstream media, mainly because they believe or want to believe the very things that Moyers was saying.

But more to the point, Moyers mocked the members of that religious group because they hold to the teachings of their faith. Moyers' only basis for such mocery is that he doesn't believe the teachings, which of course make them hogwash in his arrogant little mind.

The mainstream media is very careful to run to the defense of Muslims, Islam, and even Islamists. Once, they even ran to the defense of Jewish folk and their faith. No longer. Defamation of Christianity, Christians, Jews and Judiasm is not only tolerable, it's chic.

And it's a shame that after blatantly false and remarks like these intended to mock a religion and people whom he hates, Bill Moyers is still given a platform. Becuase bigotry needs very little energy to get started.


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