Monday, February 14, 2005

Eason Jordan Now Has Blood on His Hands

Eason Jordan may have gotten U.S. spies/informants killed according to Reese Schoenfeld, CNN co-founder.

Jordan has been breaking new ground in journalistic ethics over the past few years for CNN. First, we discovered through him a few years ago that CNN sat on stories of Saddam's treaty violations for over ten years to position itself favorably with his government. Then we just heard his outrageous claim that the U.S. military was intentionally targeting journalists.

So this morning, on Fox & Friends, Reese Schonfeld tells Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade that Jordan leaked the names of two CIA-recruited operatives while he was in Amman. Knowing that Amman was a "sieve" to Baghdad as Schonfeld claimed, Jordan led Saddam's government to these informants and got them killed. Schonfeld was not clear as to whether these were U.S.-recruited Iraqi informants or actual American operatives out of Langley, but it really makes no difference.

The funny thing is that there is no reason to leak such people's names other than to expose them. Which raises another question of journalistic ethics: were these guys sources of his? And did he, against the canons of journalism, reveal their identities because he didn't like the nature of the help they were giving the U.S.?

This is no longer a case of journalistic bias, but rather treason. This man may have gotten American human intelligence assets killed. Knowing that CNN was complicit in Saddam's illegal activities to get scoops, this report leaves the impression that Jordan may have done this to prevent the government from undercutting Saddam's Iraq and/or to retain CNN's favored position with that government.


It wasn't Iraq's treaty violations (although we don't know what CNN knew), but rather the human rights abuses of Saddam upon which they sat. My pre-coffee mistake.


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