Friday, February 11, 2005

Deborah Gibson - Letting it all Hang Out

I caught Mancow on Fox and Friends the other morning, when he dropped the bombshell that Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson had posed for Playboy. My presumption of course was that it was a naked posing. This isn't rumor, check her site, where she celebrates her latest photo shoot. Leave it to Mancow to cut through the fluff. He left it by saying that Debbie had more or less demolished the image she had been building for years. And he's right.

Being about her age, I had a crush on her. Debbie Gibson was absolutely clean. She hung very close to family, involved them in her recording and videos, and every interview of hers that I ever heard reflected a young lady with personality, intelligence, and a very positive attitude.

But after the teen years drew to a close, her draw, understandably, was not the same. That's life. So in order to give her career and upcoming album a jump-start, she dropped her clothes and posed for Playboy. But displaying yourself for the benefit of Hugh Hefner has, oddly, never advanced a young lady's career in any significant way. She wants more exposure. She got it, but she also ruined the very family-friendly image she worked so hard to cultivate. If she's trying to appeal to dirty old men, this is the way to do it. But unless she intends dance around a pole in a cheap dive, she may very well have turned off the audience she intended to attract.

And that's a tragedy.


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