Monday, February 28, 2005

The Cedar Revolution?

The people of Lebanon have had their fill of Syria, and despite a ban on demonstrations, the Lebanese are making themselves heard. Because their once and possibly future leader was assassinated, very likely by the bloody hand of Syria.

Of course, Bashar Assad claimed that his nation was essential to peace efforts in the Middle East and Iraq. Which is likely quite true, but probably not in the sense that he means it. Given this and this, it seems that the removal of Syria's influence would ease the way to Iraqi and Mideast peace. And given this development, the question arises as to which other members of Saddam's regime reside in Syria, or what Iraqi hardware Syria is possessing. I somehow doubt that Assad has somehow come around to the War on Terror viewpoint.

The most interesting aspect of this protect, though is that the Syrian troops are not eager to enforce the ban on protests, and the Lebanese are emboldened by recent changes that make their nation appear to be the next to slough off tyranny for representative government. Syria may be losing its resolve. The Berlin Wall is falling.


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