Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Budget This!

And so again, we welcome the pouring of the slop into the trough for the Washington bigwigs to fight over who gets what. Yes folks, it's the budget season.

And I'll make a prediction: unless the president fights his Republican brethren on pork barrel spending, no real progress will ever be made on the deficit.

Sen. Tom Coburn (and former Rep.), has his head on squarely. He sends no pork home. And while in the House, he kept getting reelected, until he decided to keep a promise to limit his term. Hard to reelect a guy who doesn't run. Conversely, former Senate Minority leader Tom Daschle threw tons of money at South Dakota. It didn't save him last year.

It's not about the money. I'd rather keep my own money than have it thrown back at me in the form of a road project. I'd rather see a very regular very slight surplus with well-defended borders and Social Security in a stable financial position than the purposeless funding of a predictable set of dubious projects that puts us in the red every year just so 535 people can keep their D.C. jobs.

Because that's what pork-barrel spending is about. The redistribution of wealth. Every Republican should fear the very idea of it. But they've instead embraced it. They were hired to budget our money wisely, among other things. Instead, they have shown that they can blow cash just as well as their Democrat predecessors ever could.

It doesn't help them get elected. But it sure could be the thing that gets them kicked out.


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