Wednesday, February 23, 2005

All the subtlety of a sledgehammer

Jonathan Last of Galley Slaves and The Weekly Standard put up this most disturbing post. The lesson being, of course, that publicity invites mockery.

I recalled this class note from my high school alumni update magazine. I saw the young lady's name and knew her to be an acquaintance from the past, so I read. Information has been redacted to protect the silly:

After spending some time in Oregon & California, I finally settled in Philadelphia, PA in 1999. My wife Kathleen [name redacted] & I married under the care of our Quaker meeting in October of 2002 and are excitedly expecting the birth of our first child in early March. (I'm the one who's swelling.) Kathleen works for the National Park Service and I serve as Development Manager for Friends General Conference....

The person writing this was a young lady whom I once took to a dance.

I read it through once, and at the wife part, double-taked with a "What!?!?", and then went through twice to just confirm that I was actually reading what was there. But that's what it said. No warm up at all. The absence of a warning, or even a "back story" didn't help this revelation go down too well.

And the fact that I once took her out was just too funny to my wife, who felt it her place to share it with both sides of the family who now accuse me of somehow causing this. Yet more reasons to leave the seat up at night.


Jonathan Last, apparently possessing the same sense of humor as my wife responds this way. I can only respond in kind by saying that he is a very, very bad man who tortures poor Vic Matus in inexcusable ways. I disclaim all fault for my part in the "metamorphasis".


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