Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The New Detention

I fondly remember the days in school when corporal punishment was a very real possibility. We feared it, some expected it, and it really kept us in line. If you got into a fight, the instigator was busted. If it was a mutual affray, the janitor got a paid afternoon off courtesy of both of you. And God forbid that your parents found out that you were a troublemaker... Your headstone would be in the works before you got home.

Fast forward to this bit of garbage. I authored and received so many things like this when I was a kid, that it became a contest to see just who could outdo the other. It was a compliment to receive one.

So a few elementary students got in trouble for doing it. but rather than an embarassing and time-consuming punishment, they received records instead. Got busted. By the cops. Jailed.

I could rant on and on about how ridiculous this is, but I'll just leave it with a question:

Since when has it become policy to bring in the cops before the parents when kids do something dumb like this?


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