Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Business as usual with the Clintons

Seriously folks, I'm not looking for ways to hit the Clintons, it's just that they reek of ethical and legal disasters. Big ones.

And here's another. Dick Morris, political commentator and super genius unloads this column. Granted, Morris can't stand the Clintons and has written two books, each as responses to fairly self-serving autobiographies by Bill and Hillary. But as a constant adviser to the Clinton White House, there are few people with as clear a view of the Clintons, their relationship and their administration (yes, their administration), and the insights he offers are frightening. But I digress. Buy the books.

Unlike other Clinton scandals, this one is pretty easy to understand. A campaign employee filed a fraudulent financial report with the Federal Election Commission. The phony filing saved Hillary's 2000 campaign for Senate $280,000 at a pretty critical juncture when it looked like Rick Lazio was gaining ground on her. No way to say whether it made a difference in the election, but that's not the point.

The point is that there is likely no way that Hillary missed this HUGE chunk of change staying in her campaign. Hillary's nose has never been really clean, but she's always had people to take the fall for her. The folks that Morris names, Web Hubbell and Susan McDougal knew the Clintons for years. It's unlikely that the hired help will do the same.


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