Friday, November 19, 2004

When Racism Is OK

Racism is socially unacceptable. Period. And nowadays, even the slightest comment where even the tiniest tint of racism is discovered, people scream from the rooftops until the individual making such an utterance ends up getting a stomping.

Take David Howard, a former D.C. employee (note the "former" designation) who used the word "niggardly" in 1999 to describe how he would have to handle funds in the face of budget cutbacks. For the dilettantes, the word is of Norse descent meaning "stingy" and having absolutely no relationship to another word we all know well. In essence, he said that if proposed budget cuts went into effect, he was going to have to be tight-fisted. This piece does a nice job describing what happened to him (among others). Uneducated people called for his job and got it. The linked article nicely employs a quote by Tony Snow who said that the people who called for his resignation were morons chiefly because they didn't care to use a dictionary, and actually demanded that he apologize for their ignorance. His use of the word was entirely appropriate, but perhaps he should have understood that his audience was a bunch of boobs. Don't misbehave.

But racism is not bad if you're a white leftist. In fact, it's the responsibility of the left to truncate blacks both left and right, if history is any guide.

We all know about the welfare state which kept blacks in a permanent underclass of dependence and subsistence, and the left's love for liberal teacher's unions & their wants over the needs of a generation of inner city children to read, to the point that they oppose school choice in any form. But when the cameras are on, liberals LOVE inner city disadvantaged blacks. And you would too if you were them, as you'd need their votes to retain office. But what happens when blacks have the audacity to step outside the boundaries of public housing, go to universities, start thinking for themselves, and begin disagreeing with the liberal script they have been read for years?

Look at Condoleeza Rice, for example. Our moderate Republican intellectual African American Secretary of State appointee has taken a little good-natured ribbing from the far left, like this, this, and this . Each one makes a special play on her race, which is fine, if you're a liberal. Then, of course, there is this rather stirring article by Bob Parks whose thesis is that blacks are loved as long as they toe the line. Step out of line and, well, it's ok to use any racial stereotype against you. There can be no fair argument made that the linked cartoons and the pictures in Parks' article are in any way a part of legitimate social discourse, as they are dripping with racist hate.

But the funny thing is that nobody's heard a peep from Kweisi Mfume, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton (the Curly, Larry & Moe of the race industry)...the same folks who complained when Trent Lott made some silly comment at Strom Thurmond's birthday party that had exactly nothing to do with race.

Dr. Rice is a Sovietologist, speaks fluent Russian, and has a foreign policy background of about two decades. She is a concert pianist, and after being told in early adolescence that her IQ wasn't sufficient to get her in the door of a college, she nonetheless enrolled in college at age 15 and graduated by 19. But to the left, those extraordinary accomplishments are mere details. The real issue to them is that Dr. Rice is a black woman who has not a shred of gratitude for them. If you ask any liberal, they'll tell you that left-wing quotas are the reason for the success of any black American and that Dr. Rice in particular owes allegiance to them by virtue of the tint of her epidermis.

And this is fetid cynicism is not an isolated instance of evil. When Rep Gary Franks of Connecticut, the first black Republican elected to Congress since Reconstruction, wanted to join the Congressional Black Caucus, he was shunned by the caucus members who are all liberals. Clarence Thomas, the first conservative black appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court was smeared by an unprovable and frankly implausible set of allegations that he had sexually harassed a former employee (who, most interestingly, never bothered to file suit) in order to derail his nomination, Maryland's Lt. Governor, Michael Steele, when running for office was pelted with Oreos by liberals who felt that blacks who are conservative are "white on the inside". Senator Robert Byrd, liberal from West Virginia, and a former Klansman gave an interview where he repentantly referred to the Klan as "white niggers". Not a peep from the race police.

Hate is ugly no matter who does it, but when the left has not the decency to police its own members, as it has consistently refused to do, it leaves what is becoming a more and more believable impression that they have no love for blacks who refuse to be their willing political tools.

Dr. Rice is owed an apology by her detractors, and frankly, it is about time that the left's racist record be piled up in their face.

I invite anyone reading this to post comments, with links if possible, evidencing racism by the American left. Because it is time conservatives to decry the double-standard the left and their cohorts in the media hold towards a population who have for too long been treated as a means to an end. And it is also time to spotlight black Americans who have made lives for themselves in the absence of racial politics, but as a result of hard work, perseverance and patience. Because that's what the American dream is all about.


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