Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Close Doesn't Count In Elections

Check out this little piece on the post-election value of Fahrenheit 9/11. It seems that the Hollywood crowd is not willing to bend the rules even a little for Michael Moore, whose work they lauded just months ago.

Who would be hurt if they just gave this Beaver Cleaver the Hutt lookin' elitist a little plastic trophy?

If Kerry had carried the day on November 2, Moore would have been poet laureate, among other things, and the golden globes would have fawned over him.

But remember, it's not what you do for the left, it's whether what you do gets them in the positions of power they crave. The movie was just so much wasted film. How sad.

But all is not lost. The American Academy is prepared to consider his film. And he'll win. Further proof that Hollywood is an enclave of complete and utter morons.


Blogger Bizarro Jack said...

I can't speak for the hollywood elite, but I do have a lot of garden-variety liberal elitist friends, and Michael Moore has been considered a liability to the good face of liberalism for months before the election. That's not to say that his movies are not enjoyable - they may be full of half-truths, preposterous suppositions phrased to sound almost like fact, and nausia-inducing levels of spin, but there are enough indisputable facts here and there to remind us why GWB is good for nothing.
I'll stand by his film's value as a guilty pleasure for people who know better, but in most contexts, his tactics simply widen the divide between left & right. I don't think he's helpful to the nation as a whole.

6:38 AM  

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